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Damaged Glow Plug Removing Tool Set (16 PCS)

Damaged Glow Plug Removing Tool Set (16 PCS)

Product ID: UNA2248

  • If you want a tool kit that will remove Broken Glow Plugs without further damage then this is the set for you.
  • Removes 8mm and 10mm glow plugs.
  • Drilling and extracting tool set for broken off CDI glow plugs with thread M10 x 1.
  • Using this tool set in a few steps the central contact is removed, the glow plug thread is drilled and the glow plug body is pulled out of the cylinder head.
  • During disassembly of extremely seized glow plugs the drive hexagon can often be sheared off.
  • While still attached to the glow plug body the central contact of the glow plug prevents the drive hexagonal from being removed.
  • Blow molded carrying case.
  • Taps: M10 x 1.0 and M8 x 1.0

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