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Porsche 911 / Boxster / 997 Camshaft Alignment Tool (B9685KIT, B9612KPLUS)

Porsche 911 / Boxster / 997 Camshaft Alignment Tool (B9685KIT, B9612KPLUS)

Product ID: PRD1207, PRC1207

Comprehensive tool kit to allow proper camshaft timing on the Porsche 997 series. 

Kit Includes: 

  • Alignment Fixture - Locks camshaft at Top-Dead-Center so that the cams can be accurately aligned. 
  • Crankshaft TDC locking pin 
  • Camshaft alignment gauge 

Plastic storage / carrying case

Equivalent to B9685KIT
Application Make: Porsche 

Application Detail: 997



Comprehensive 8-piece tool kit to establish proper engine timing when performing major engine / valvetrain service on Porsche 911 (engine codes 996/997) up to 2001, Porsche Boxster (engine codes 986/987) up to 2002

The kit comes packaged in a custom blow-molded storage/carrying case and contains the following items:

1 ea. TDC Alignment Pin (factory number 9595) – Locks crankshaft at TDC.

1 ea. Camshaft Lock (factory number 9612) – To establish the allocation between the intake and exhaust camshafts.

2 ea. Camshaft Supports (factory number 9611) – for retaining the camshafts in position with the valve cover removed.

2 ea. Camshaft Holding Tools (factory number 9624) – Used to retain the camshafts before removing the valve cover and during reassembly. 

1 ea. Connecting Rod Centering Mandrel (factory number 9608) – Positions the small of the connecting rod in preparation for fitting the piston and wrist pin.

1 ea. Piston Pin Driver and Extensions (factory number 9602) – Used to insert the wrist pins.

Equivalent to:   B9612KPLUS 
Application Make: Porsche

Application Detail: 
Porsche 911 (engine codes 996/997) up to 2001 
Porsche Boxster (engine codes 986/987) up to 2002

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