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Volvo Crankshaft Holding Tool (Diesel & Petrol)

Volvo Crankshaft Holding Tool (Diesel & Petrol)

Product ID: VOA1395

  • Used to counter-hold the crankshaft pulley to release and tighten the centre bolt.
  • Suitable for a wide range of Volvo models and engine sizes.
  • OEM Tool: 999 5433
  • Applications: Volvo; C30 (06-10), C70 (98-10), S40 (96-10), S60 (00-09), S70 (97-07), S80 (98-06), V40 (96-10), V50 (04-10), V70 (97-07), XC70 (02-07), XC90 (02-10)
  • Engine Codes - Diesel: 2.4D D5244T9, 2.4D5 D5244T8 D5244T13
  • Engine Codes - Petrol: 1.6 B4164S, 1.8 B4184S, 1.9T B4194T, 2.0 B4204S B4204T, 2.0T B5204T3 B5204T4 B5204T5, 2.3 B5234FS, 2.3T B5234T3 B5234T7, B5234T9, 2.4 B5244S B5244S2 B5244S4 B5244S5 B5244S7, 2.4T B5244T B5244T3 B5244T4 B5244T5 B5244T7, 2.5R B5254FS B5254T4, 2.5T B5254T B5254T2 B5254T3 B5254T7, 2.8T6 B6284T/T2 B6294S B6294S2 B6294S3, 2.9 B6294S, B6294S2, B6294S3, 2.9T B6294T

WARNING: California Prop 65 - This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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