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VW Audi Cam Lock Clamp T40070

VW Audi Cam Lock Clamp T40070

Product ID: VWD1413-6

  • Camshaft locking clamp used for setting timing in VW/Audi engines 2.5L I5 (BGP, BGQ, BPR, BPS, CBTA and CBUA), 3.2L V6 4v (BKH), 4.2L V8 4v (BAR, BNS, BVJ, BYH and CAUA) and 5.2L V10 4v (BXA and BSM).
  • 2 Cam Lock Clamps Used for locking camshafts when setting valve timing.
  • Applicable to the following Models: Audi A4 (2005-2008), A4 Avant (2005-2008), A4 Cabriolet (2007-2009), A6 (2005-2009), A6 Avant (2006), A8 (2007-2009), A8 L (2007-2009), Q7 (2007-2009), R8 (2008-2009), RS4 (2007-2008), S5 (2008-2009), S6 (2007-2009) and S8 (2007-2009). Volkswagen Jetta (2005-2012), Jetta SportsWagen (2008-2009), New Beetle (2006-2010), New Beetle Convertible (2006-2010), Rabbit (2006-2009) and Touareg (2007-2009).

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