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VW Audi Crankshaft TDC Locking Pin

VW Audi Crankshaft TDC Locking Pin

Product ID: VWA1105-7


  • 12-mm (shaft diameter) / 14-mm (thread diameter) x 65-mm long pin for locating the crankshaft at TDC (Top Dead Center) when timing the engine or servicing the timing belt or flywheel / drive plate. 
  • Equivalent to factory tool T10340 

Application Make: VW, Audi

Application Detail:
 Audi, VW 1.4L and 1.6L TSI FSI Engines - AXU, BAG, BKG, BLF, BLG, BLN, BLP, BMY, BTS, BWK, AXA (03+)

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